The Maverick’s Summer Love

About the Book

USA TODAY bestselling author Christyne Butler visits Rust Creek Falls, the setting for the popular Montana Mavericks: Rust Creek Cowboys continuity, in a sexy and emotional romance that is sure to capture readers’ hearts!

Rust Creek Ramblings

The Great Montana Flood has brought all sorts of interesting menfolk to Rust Creek Falls. At the Ace in the Hole, they’re all talking about hunky out-of-towner Dean Pritchett. They say the green-eyed carpenter from Thunder Canyon is in town to help rebuild the elementary school. But we’ve got the inside scoop!

Rumor has it that Dean has a special interest in our Shelby Jenkins. Yes, that Shelby Jenkins-the single mom who found herself in a “family way” back in high school. She’s been fending off the town gossip forever, but Dean actually got into a fistfight trying to defend her honor! Sweet Shelby fears his love won’t last. Just what are your intentions, Mr. Maverick?

What They’re Saying…

Four Stars!Butler’s small town meddling + small town attitude = one small town romance to remember. Her couple shines above all, except for one certain little girl who’ll steal the show. The love scenes will also raise temperatures.”

– RT Book Reviews

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