Back in Destiny and We’re Flirting!

My October release, FLIRTING WITH DESTINY is out in bookstores now (will be available October 1st as an eBook!) and it’s great to be back in my town of Destiny, Wyoming with one of my favorite families…the Murphys!

I first introducted the Murphys in my April 2012 release, HAVING ADAM’S BABY and now it’s Devlin’s time to find his happily ever after! As the middle of six brothers, Dev has always been a natural born charmer who relies on his good looks and great smile to get out of trouble until a horrific crash in the company helicopter he was piloting left him lost in the forest for three days with a broken body. Eight months later and he’s recovered–for the most part–but then he meets a very special lady who agrees to help him…even though it’s the last thing she wants to do!

FLIRTING WITH DESTINY will also be avaible in Australia and the United Kingdom starting October 1st and here are covers! It’s amazing how different my hero looks all around the world!


4 Stars! “Butler’s return to Destiny, Wyo., is touching, her premise is timely and moving and the star-crossed couple and their co-stars make the read more real.” -RT BookReviews