A Daddy for Jacoby

About the Book

Suddenly…a son?

After doing time, Justin Dillon was a changed man determined to lead a decent life. Then a strange woman swept through town, dumping a seven-year-old in his lap, claiming Justin was the daddy and disappearing. Justin was only beginning to take baby steps toward betterment—was he ready to be a father?

Or ready for family, for that matter? Because at every turn, there was Gina Steele. The young woman had been so busy skipping grades and getting degrees, she’d never had time to live. But Justin would change all that—with just one kiss. Could this sheriff’s sister join forces with an ex-con to make a home for a lost little boy? Stranger things had happened in Destiny….

WELCOME TO DESTINY: Where fate leads to falling in love

What They’re Saying…

4 Stars!This is a tender story about two lonely souls and the woman who changes their lives for the better. Genuine characters and a fresh plot make this a story that will touch the heart deeply.

— RT Book Reviews


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