Destiny’s Last Bachelor?


When Hollywood royalty meets the Jersey Shore…it must be destiny!

Hollywood princess Priscilla Lennox is running away—from the paparazzi, the gossip…and the humiliation of walking in on her boyfriend with her sister. She runs all the way to Destiny, Wyoming, where gorgeous Dean Zippenella knocks her off her Louboutins…and into the river. Still, Priscilla’s spirits aren’t dampened. After all, she’s here to repair her image, not to mention raise money for charity….

Dean, with his Jersey Shore machismo, is there at every turn. At first it’s annoying. Then it’s endearing. And when he grants Priscilla her birthday wish of a kiss, it’s beginning to look a lot like love! For real this time—until her sister turns up in town again. Is she here to make amends? Or steal her man?

WELCOME TO DESTINY: Where fate leads to falling in love

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christynebutler2009_250x375Welcome to my website! Please feel free to take a look around and stop by often to see what’s happening. I write contemporary romances full of life, love, a hint of laughter and perhaps a dash of danger too. I love the challenge of the boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-gets-girl-back and the journey of joy and hardship two people go through on their way to finding true love. Oh, and there has to be a ‘happily ever after’ or I’m just not satisfied!





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4 and 1/2 Stars from RT BookReviews for DESTINY’S LAST BACHELOR?

DestinysLastBachelor_June2014Eleven books in my writing career and I’ve received my first 4 & 1/2 Stars review from RT Book Reviews!

Avoiding her family and the fallout from a personal betrayal, L.A. socialite Priscilla Lennox heads to Wyoming to help a friend plan a charity bachelor auction. There is one hunky bachelor that she wants for herself. Dean Zippenella’s had a dating drought, partly because of his last disastrous relationship and partly because his dog, Daisy, hates women. But a sensual, out-of-his league debutante melts both of their hearts. Butler’s setting is the perfect backdrop for her Jersey transplant hero and cosmopolitan heroine’s romance. The visual narrative thoughtfully follows the romance from the impressive first meeting to the fiery finish.


Back in Destiny and We’re Flirting!

My October release, FLIRTING WITH DESTINY is out in bookstores now (will be available October 1st as an eBook!) and it’s great to be back in my town of Destiny, Wyoming with one of my favorite families…the Murphys!

I first introducted the Murphys in my April 2012 release, HAVING ADAM’S BABY and now it’s Devlin’s time to find his happily ever after! As the middle of six brothers, Dev has always been a natural born charmer who relies on his good looks and great smile to get out of trouble until a horrific crash in the company helicopter he was piloting left him lost in the forest for three days with a broken body. Eight months later and he’s recovered–for the most part–but then he meets a very special lady who agrees to help him…even though it’s the last thing she wants to do!

FLIRTING WITH DESTINY will also be avaible in Australia and the United Kingdom starting October 1st and here are covers! It’s amazing how different my hero looks all around the world!


4 Stars! “Butler’s return to Destiny, Wyo., is touching, her premise is timely and moving and the star-crossed couple and their co-stars make the read more real.” -RT BookReviews

Same Book…Different Worldwide Covers!

US_AU_UKcoversThis month I’m celebrating my latest release, THE MAVERICK’S SUMMER LOVE, Book #2 in the “Montana Mavericks: Rust Creek Cowboys” continuity, here in the United States, but it’s also very exciting to see the book is being released by Mills & Boon in the United Kingdom (part of Harlequin Enterprises) and in Australia at the same time…each with it’s own cover!

It’s fun to see how my couple, Dean Pritchett & Shelby Jenkins, are protrayed across the world. Of course, the United Kingdom and Australia books are actually 2-1 books, and I am combined with the terrific Brenda Harlen, so maybe the UK and Australian covers reflect her hero and heroine! :-D At least both our heroines are blondes (and single mothers)!

4 Stars from RT BookReviews for THE MAVERICK’S SUMMER LOVE

So excited to find out THE MAVERICK’S SUMMER LOVE recieved 4 Stars from RT Book Reviews! “Butler’s small town meddling + small town attitude = one small town romance to remember. Her couple shines above all, except for one certain little girl who’ll steal the show. The love scenes will also raise temperatures.” Love it!

New Website and New Book!

So excited that my newly redesigned home on the web is up and running! Thank you to Liz and Sienna at Bemis Promotions for all their hard work! I’m also very excited about my upcoming release, THE MAVERICK’S SUMMER LOVE, Book #2 in the “Montana Mavericks: Rust Creek Cowboys” continuity that will be out in August!

Rust Creek Falls, Montana is a small ranching community that suffers a terrible flood, but the townspeople and those to come to Rust Creek Falls to help in the recovery, are going to make sure the town comes back even stronger! There are six books by six different authors that will be out from July through December this year. It was so much fun creating a town, and the people who live there, from the ground up with a terrific group of authors!

There is an excerpt of Chapter One from THE MAVERICK’S SUMMER LOVE via the Bookshelf page (just click on the cover up above!) and I’ll be posting snippets from the book each week on my Facebook page, right up until the book will be release, #1 and #2 are already there, so please stop by!


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